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trading learning guide
At this stage, you start applying skills and knowledge to build trading strategies that have involved risk management. In developing a strategy, you should adjust it to your own understanding, comfort, and trading style. Suppose you are a part-time trader, then don't build a trading strategy that requires you to monitor charts throughout the day.افضل شركات الوساطة لتداول العملات
At the beginning, your strategy might not have the privilege of being based on existing standards. But with the increase in experience and increased trading skills, you will learn to adjust the strategy with a personal approach, so you don't have to go here and there to follow other traders advice that doesn't necessarily fit your condition.
توصيات الفوركس
This trading learning guide is related to essential physical and mental conditions, because it can be a determinant of the success of applying your knowledge, abilities, and strategies. Focusing on those three things is in fact not enough to bring you to the real path of success. However, trading is a continuous activity that requires consistency. If your physical and mental condition is not able to support it, then it means that your journey is still far from the final goal of profit consistency.

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